/warp parkour!

Today, supermudmatthew showed me around /warp parkour! A lot of other players came, and we had a lot of fun trying out the different levels. At /warp parkour, there are 19 different levels, and they gradually get more difficult. Personally, I’m not very good at parkour. When I started out, I failed twice on level 1! The more I tried, though, the better I got. There is also a race track near the parkour! You can challenge a friend to a race and dodge items as you run. If you aren’t careful, there may be a skeleton or zombie in the track trying to throw you off! I raced supermudmatthew, but it really wasn’t a surprise that I lost. XD

If you enjoy parkour, I recommend checking this place out! Just type /warp parkour!


Hello! I'm KayoriMew, and I'm a staff member on the Towncraft Minecraft server. *I retired from being Towncraft News owner as of 10/5/16. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me create and improve Towncraft News for a year!!! It was a lot of fun! Drumbwoy and Swimmyfish85 are the new owners, so be sure to thank them~

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  1. Redneck841 says:

    wow! great post mew! good job!

  2. Kolgrath says:

    I used one of these screenshots as our new cover photo for our Facebook page!
    Great job!

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