Kolgrath Flying with a Cape above the letters VIP

By purchasing a VIP rank you are supporting Kolgrath and his mission to make Towncraft the greatest Family Friendly Minecraft Server! Click here for a guide on how to use all your perks!

Buy Now VIP

Here’s what you get with your VIP rank:

  • Special [VIP] Rank on all servers!
  • Color Chat on all servers!
  • /particles in the Lobby!
  • /cook on servers: TC3 & TC4
  • /echest on servers: TC3, TC4, Creative, Hard
  • /craft on servers: TC3, TC4, Creative, Hard
  • /hat on servers: TC3, TC4, Creative, Hard
  • The ability to set 20 homes on servers: TC3, TC4, Creative
  • /action on all servers
  • /nick to set a nickname on all servers! (No impersonating staff or other players.) BEING REPAIRED!
  • /music in the Lobby! Listen to the hottest hits… Minecraft style!
  • Enhanced Elytra Flight on servers: TC3 & TC4! Fly faster, and fly higher!
  • /Wings on servers: TC3, Creative, and Lobby! Spread your beautiful wings and fly!
  • Special Mechanics:
    • Elevators
    • Gates
    • Bridges
    • Hidden Switches
    • XP Storing

You get all this for $5 per month. You are welcome to donate more at the time of purchase, that is completely up to you and is greatly appreciated. 

*VIP Perks are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to maintain this list, but sometimes due to conditions beyond our control some perks may need to be disabled or removed. You will also receive immediate access to any new perks added to this list in the future! If your account is banned for violating the rules of Towncraft either by yourself or someone in control of your Minecraft account, we will not issue refunds for time lost. You can see the rules in-game by typing the command /rules, or by clicking the Rules link on the website. By purchasing VIP you are agreeing to these terms.