VIP Guide

Kolgrath Flying with a Cape above the letters VIP

Congratulations on becoming VIP! Here is how to take advantage of all of your great perks!

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Color Chat:

When typing in chat you can use special & codes to type in color!

Here are the color codes:

Color Chat Codes in Minecraft

So let’s say you wanted to type in Light Blue. You would simply chat:


And your word will come out in blue!

You can do multiple colors.


And your word will come out rainbow colored!

/particles in the Lobby:

When you’re on /lobby you can just type /particles and you’ll see some options to click on in chat.

You can click where it says /particles inv (it’s faster to type it) and it will open a menu of cool options!

Particles Menu GUI Spigot

Just click on the part of your body where you want the particles to come from, and click on the particles you want, and they’ll start appearing! You’ll be looking awesome!


Hold the item you want to cook, and just type /cook. Your stack of items are instantly cooked or smelted!



You can type /echest to access your Ender Chest from anywhere! Think of it like a backpack on the go!


You can type /craft to access a workbench aka crafting table from anywhere!


Hold the block you want to wear as a hat in your hand and type /hat! Try on a glass block to look like a deep sea diver!

/sethome (20 homes)

You can now set 20 homes on Towncraft! To set a home just do:
/sethome homename

So you could do /sethome junglehouse
and to get back there you would do /home junglehouse

You can see your list of homes anytime by just doing /home

/action (Formerly /me)

Want to show an action in chat? Then do /action!

Example: /action is eating delicious cake!
Result: (YourName) is eating delicious cake!

/nick (nickname)

Just do /nick YourNewName and you’ll have your new nickname! You can put color in your name! (You have to use 50% or less of &4 Dark Red.)

/music in the Lobby

While in Lobby you can type /music to pick your favorite songs and listen to them while you fly around in space!

Enhanced Elytra Flight

Watch the video above to see how you can auto-glide and get speed boosts to fly higher and get infinite flight with your Elytra!

Special Mechanics:

Videos coming soon!