Update on Towncraft Status

Kolgrath doing the creep...ah!

Here’s the story so far:

1) I made the decision to temporarily switch to Vanilla on a fresh map while we waited for Bukkit to update to 1.5. This was to allow all of you to update your own clients to 1.5 to start playing around with the cool new redstone stuff in the update.

2) Sometime Thursday Evening/Friday Morning (Eastern Daylight Time) the hosting company was attempting to replace an operating system that had become corrupted and in the process all of the files on that node were lost, including ours.

3) Since the map had been reset I took the opportunity to re-institute our whitelist policy temporarily while we awaited Bukkit. At this point speculation was that it could be another week before we saw a version come out to be used. I did this because we were starting to attract more than our fair share of griefers and people using profanity, and with no plugins I had no other way of protecting players.

4) Friday Evening it was revealed to me by our hosting company that the files lost could not be restored. What this means for you: I have a backup from 3-8-13 that I am restoring Towncraft from. This is essentially a 1 week rollback.

5) At this point I made the decision to take Towncraft off of shared hosting and get us our own dedicated server. It’s a significant increase in cost, but one that I think will benefit players tremendously. We no longer have to share resources with random servers on the same node as us, or be subject to downtime when an error affects other parts of the node. Plus we now have 32GB of dedicated RAM that is all ours. We now can support in excess of 200 slots.

6) I began uploading our backup to the new server at 10:54PM EDT. It’s now 6:45AM and the backup is still loading, with over 63,000 files still to go. The vast majority of the backup is CoreProtect data. That is the plugin that catches griefers and rollsback everything they did in 3 seconds flat.

So let’s talk turkey… I mean Towncraft.

Let me address some of your concerns right off the bat.

Q. What happens to this whitelisted map I’ve been playing on for the last 24 hours?

A. We are going to copy it over to the new server for your continued use. That being said, your inventory will not come with the map. When you log on to the new server you will have your inventory from the backup, not the new map’s. If you want to keep your stuff, put it in a regular chest when you log off. Not an Ender chest.

Q. Help! I can’t get in because the server is whitelisted!

A. The whitelist is temporary. As soon as the upload is complete and the new server is online with our backup, the whitelist goes away.

Q. Is there going to be another new IP address?

A. No. Play.Towncraft.US will be redirected to our new server. It could take a few hours for your local Internet provider to update the IP address behind the domain. If you’re still connecting to the whitelisted vanilla map after I make the announcement that the new server is up, contact me and I’ll get you the direct IP address to use in the meantime.

Q. I just lost a week’s worth of progress. I’m not very happy right now.

A. Did I mention that this was the catalyst that got us a shiny new dedicated server with 32GB of RAM? But seriously, I am very sorry. Nobody is feeling the pain more than me. I busted my behind to landscape my Hillside City house, and install a major farm, not to mention all of the city infrastructure improvements I had made. And then there’s all the work I did on configurations, permissions, new plugins… I’m going to be a code monkey for another week. I’m not happy about this at all.

But enough about me. I feel your pain, and this really stinks. But I hope you can be like me and just roll up your sleeves and get back to work and enjoy the new server performance.

Q. Why are we being rolled back an entire week? Why isn’t there a more recent backup?

A. After the number of files had swollen up to 285,000 and the size of our server files had pushed 12 GB, I decided I would do a bi-weekly backup to avoid having my ISP cut me off for excessive use. The last backup was from March 8, 2013.

Q. What is being done to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

A. Upgrading to a mammoth dedicated server is a start. With our own box we have many more options for dealing with our data. This includes an automated backup process that ensures we always have a more recent backup.

By having a dedicated server we’re not subjected to the types of maintenance that shared hosting is. We’re also not affected by problems caused by random servers on the same box as us… because there are no other random servers on the same box as us. It’s ours and ours alone. All 32 glorious GBs of RAM.

Q. When will the new server be ready? I’m dying to get on!

A. Me too! The upload is going right now and I figure another 2 hours and it should be done hopefully. Then I need to boot up Bukkit and make sure everything is intact and working as it should. So hopefully by 10AM EDT we should have the new server up and ready for YOU!

Q. Kolgrath, you’re awesome.

A. No… YOU’RE awesome!


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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5 Responses

  1. Fistbiscuit says:

    I really hope I didn’t lose too much of what I was working on cause I did a lot, pretty much moved a mountain basically.

  2. I feel ya, Kol. This whole server hosting thing has become a real pain in the butt! Almost all of the servers crashed and lost their worlds. It’s been pretty much the same story on all the servers that I’ve tried getting on!

    On the upside, there is a beta version of craftbukkit v1.5 available now; WARNING: there are TONS of bugs that need fixing! I hope whoever is in charge at Mojang makes Minecraft in its final stage of development… we want NO MORE UPDATES! :/

  3. Aelinos says:

    Do we still have SSDs? Because, I’ve been getting some serious lag with chunk-loads and such.

    • Kolgrath says:

      Yes still rocking SSDs. Not sure why you’re having trouble and I can’t reproduce your issue. Everything I’ve been doing, warping, flying, worldediting… it’s all been faster and it’s been great. The Datacenter is located in Canada, maybe it’s just a bad connection between your ISP and them?

  4. Creepershunter26 says:

    I cant get to my town it keeps telling me that i dont have premission to use the portal and the lag is crazy for that last few days please help somebody?

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