Unfinished Houses and Shacks in Hillside City


UPDATE: Due to all of the recent server backend stuff, this has been SUSPENDED. (Besides if you built your shack in the last week it won’t even be there.)

As Co-Mayor of Hillside City I’ve mailed many of you (that I could identify) that you needed to come back to the City and finish or improve your homes.

The deadline has been set for Saturday, March 16th. At that time I will be demolishing your home and removing your claim. To avoid this, complete your home, or make it look more like a home and less like a cobblestone box.

These are only a couple of examples of homes that don’t fit in Hillside City because they’re incomplete or look like someone flipped a dumpster upside down on a landfill.

Let’s have a little respect for Hillside City!



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