TownCraft’s Spookctacular Halloween Events!

2016-10-07_09-13-26Hello fellow TownCrafters!  You are going to have to be extra crafty this month because we have some quite chilling and frightening events that are lined up to celebrate one of my most favorite times of the year!   While we are planning parties it seems the mobs are planning their own variation of ‘fun’ for us as well so be careful!  Already we have seen a new type of mob in the end called “Ender Blaze!” and those pesky Aliens seem to be behind it!  Even the Ender Dragon defended TownCraft from this Invasion!  So Kudos to all that worked hard to protect TownCraft from the Mobs!

We always appreciate your input on things.  Do you have any ides on what type of events you would like to see?  More Partybombs?  Sure we can do that, but let us know below other ideas you have for this season.   Of course we are going to have a few fun parties, and even a build-off in creative for those builders that have a special knack for getting even the finest of details in their masterpieces!

So with that in mind – Thank you for being part of TownCraft and I hope to see you at our next events!  Some events will be noted here so you guys can plan.  But the events the Mobs plan we usually don’t get any advanced notice from them.  So keep your eyes open!  You never know what happen next in Towncraft when we let the Mobs plan their own events!

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