Due to issues beyond our Control, Towncraft will be down until 3:20pm Sat 2/8/2014


Sorry For any issues this may cause

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17 Responses

  1. p197_ says:

    What do you mean by “Issues out of our control”?

    • Kolgrath says:

      We’ve been informed by our (soon to be former) host that they’ve temporarily shut down our IP address as the result of a DDOS attack against Towncraft directly. The timing of this couldn’t have been more perfect.

      ScriptJunkie has used this time to completely backup vital Towncraft data and I have gone ahead and submitted our order for a dedicated box with a completely different hosting company. That means more worlds, more speed, more players… more awesome!

  2. ClydeDog says:

    I think they mean something happened that they can’t fix easily, sort of.

  3. Cruim says:

    It means exactly what it says P197. There is an issue, but Kolgrath and I have no control over it.

  4. ClydeDog says:

    What hosting company are you changing to?

  5. Joe Meister says:

    Hm how it said “Down until 3:20.”, is somewhat good for me. I just got home at 3:04, and thought “Is there something I don’t know about going on” and I checked the site to know. So thankfully you guys put it up on the website. 😉

  6. ScriptJunkie says:

    We are still working on the server at this time. We will keep you updated on when it will be back online.

  7. yargyo says:

    Glad their getting a new host. The other one was rather laggy, hopefully this one will be more promising in gameplay and fps 🙂

  8. ClydeDog says:

    I was so excited when I say it was online, then I tried to join and it said ‘You are not whitelisted’ And I was like, Say whhhaaattt?!

  9. Yorkies says:

    Will the new world that Kolgrath made during his live stream be recovered, because whenever I try to get to my house there, it says: Invalid World.

  10. mhp4085 says:

    ANOTHER Denial of Service Attack??? Wow two major hack-attacks in a month. 😕

    • Kolgrath says:

      Well this time it was against us directly. In the past we were collateral damage when other people were getting DDoS attacked. This is one of the major reasons we are switching providers completely.

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