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Hello Everyone!! This is Supermudmatthew and today the new Towncraft Youtube is live. Yes, there is now an official youtube channel for Towncraft! It is run by Me, 00meow9, Swimoro, and ArwenTC.

How it works:

Ok, so how does the channel actually work? Well, any staff member of towncraft (anyone in the staff section of tab) can send a video in. it will be reviewed, edited, and refined for the channel by our team. It will then be posted on the channel with the rest of the videos! If you have any questions or comments, please just ask me or another staff ingame. You can also suggest videos for staff members to post.

What if Staff don’t send in videos?

If the staff team does not send in any videos for more than one month, the channel team will produce a video or two to keep the channel going. we are not accepting any videos from normal players at the moment, but that may be something that will change in the future!


Server Talk:

Yes, you CAN talk about the videos and content of this channel just like you can talk about Kolgrath’s channel. This is a family-friendly channel that abides by the same rules as Towncraft.


So, Thank you to every player out there that makes all of this worth it. without you guys, we couldn’t do what we do. The first video is now live with many more on the way. We hope you will enjoy all the content produced by the Towncraft Staff.



Towncraft Youtube Channel

Kolgrath’s Youtube Channel

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  1. Nuwa says:

    Awesome guys! Congrats and well done ^-^

  2. Arwen says:

    Yay! Sorry for low quality on first video, I’ll have that fixed soon

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