Towncraft is now on Minecraft 1.12!

Last night we got Towncraft updated to the latest version of Minecraft! Many thanks to Cruim who helped me so much with testing before we threw the switch.

Currently HungerGames is offline as it awaits an update to 1.12. But everything else should be online and running smoothly!

Kolgrath Selfie With Parrots


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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