Does Towncraft need new forums… or forums at all?

I’m finally getting around to giving the website the attention it needs, and one of the things that has always been an issue with Towncraft has been the forums. Before we started hosting our own forums we used another outside service. The forums have never been used as much as they were when it was the phpBB service, which leads me to believe the reason forum usage is down is nobody likes our forum service (including me.)

Should we even bother with forums? Should we make them better? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and vote in the poll.

Towncraft Forums: What do we do?

  • Come up with a better solution. (81%, 26 Votes)
  • Get rid of forums. (9%, 3 Votes)
  • I don't care, I don't use forums anyways. (9%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 32

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Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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6 Responses

  1. p197_ says:

    “Leading to the next point, the website is under used. We need to reintroduce the Ranking System, where players could gain ranks via using the site and her forums. It should be optional to use the forums to get ranks, as it was. Those who can’t aren’t penalized.”
    -p197, 3:48 PM, June Third on ZA.

    • Kolgrath says:

      Ah, I was wondering what your comment had to do with ZA on the other post. Now I see you accidentally posted it on the wrong one.

      The Rank system was a bear to keep up with. Everyone wants to rank up, (as I would as well) and I got many complaints from staff regarding having to check up on players to manually promote them.

      If the issue is getting players more engaged with the website, contests and drawings for posting messages/comments always seemed to do the trick. Perhaps we’ll get back to doing that.

  2. 00meow9 says:

    I don’t care much of what happens to the forms, though it’s pretty cool to read somethings when they are updated. It might acually be cool if u had a chat that was like live for the webcite and also something like the forms still on here

  3. The Nether Queen says:

    I really like the forums!
    It helps me find out what’s been going on in Towncraft when I’m not on. Personally, I like to hear about the problems the owner is facing and being one of many to help make important decisions by voting. So please either keep the forums, or scrap them for a little while then make them better.

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