What have you been up to?

So, iv been recently building up my stuff in the new world we have been placed on. I’v been building.. a lava pitt, a Biodome, a warehouse, and many other things. I found stronghold #2 in the map, and have been exploring. So, iv been doing many things, what have you been doing? Mail me ingame with /mail send excellex [message] and tell me what you have been up to. Whoever I believe has been up to the most interesting thing will be gifted 2 stacks of books ingame!2013-08-04_23.35.02

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  1. Eli Bamberg says:

    I, biblop713, built a School for all of TC2 to attend, plus I started the Mining Guild with LIZ_MINOR. The mining guild is a place for all peeps to mine for free and find good stuff. Proven Fact: 90% of all peeps that have used our mines have found diamond.

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