My stall

Finally I have been at my stall and fixed it. I admit, I’ve been to lazy to give it a good Clean up since it got moved from spawn. Have you guys been to yours yet? You all know that you still can find all stalls at /Warp Stalls so if you want to shop all your favourite items at low prices be sure to go there. I was as surprised as everyone else when they were suddenly gone from spawn, but it’s just because you’re so used to having them there. Now I’ve fixed mine and decorated it with my signature flag. I just love the pic when I stand with my back against the camera. Perfection!!


Here I am outside my stall.


I had a good look around at all stall and you all sell so Amazing things! If you so to /Warp Stalls be sure to visit many stalls because there are much different things to find!



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