Squirrel’s Redstone magic

Hey guys Silvernail7 here today i got on TC and i got a mail for one of my friends StarSquirrel5555 telling me about his new redstone thing he calls his “death machine” when i saw this i kinda laughed and he got on and i saw it and what it does is puts somebody or somthing in a little 1×1 block space and u pull a lever and it activates a piston that sufficates him/her/it! In my opinion i thought it was really cool and i hope u guys thinkso too heres a screenshot of what it looks like

P.S. I Use Coterie Craft texture pack so it looks different.

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6 Responses

  1. StarSquirrel555 says:


  2. mhp4085 says:

    How to kill someone on a no killing server

  3. StarSquirrel555 says:

    We’re not gonna kill anyone.. unless they want to kill themselves SEVERELY. Its basically used for Zombies.

  4. kodykraft says:

    Y do u kill not cool u are mean!

  5. StarSquirrel555 says:

    We dont kill… we put in like chickens and zombies. Not us. Test models.

  6. Electricfior180 says:


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