Skyblock? What’s that?

What is this article about?

Hello everyone! It’s Supermudmatthew here! I just wanted to talk about what Skyblock is. I’ve seen some players questioning it. “What is it?” “How does it work?” “What’s the point?” And today, I will address that topic,  but… I forgot to take screenshots! I’m sorry, but no pictures today. =,(  Here is my simple guide to Skyblock!

What is Skyblock?

Well, Skyblock is essentially Survival in the sky! You may be wondering… “What’s so special then?” The answer is, the hard thing about Skyblock is that when you fall off, you die and lose everything. (unless you’re not holding it in your inventory) Also, you have to do things wisely! If you destroy the tree and all the saplings fall off your island, then you must buy/trade with other players to get a sapling for wood and things like that. Also, cobblestone is your life here in Skyblock. Without cobblestone, you can’t expand your island or do anything. There is an example of a simple cobblestone generator at /warp spawn of Skyblock. Is is definitely not the best, so try improving it!

What’s the point?

The point of Skyblock is probably the most asked question about it. Because you can’t defeat the Ender dragon, (Rawr) then what do you do? The answer is to level up your island. How do you level up? (Hint: It isn’t Exp Levels) You can place down blocks of different ore types or build alot. My favorite strategy is probably the tree strategy. Logs apparently give you a lot of island points. (100 Island points = 1 island level) So grow those jungle trees! you can check your island level by typing /is level.

Wait a minute! How do you get Iron Gold Lapis Diamonds Redstone and Emeralds?

Those ores are the hardest thing to get in Skyblock. How you get them is, you must get to island level 500! (Very hard indeed! I’m only at Island level 417! And I have a giant jungle forest on my island!) Then you must start mining away at your cobblestone generator. You will see that it now produces ores! (not gold or lapis… those might be added soon!) If you’re looking for a good cobblestone generator design. Try visiting other people’s islands! (/is warp {Playername}) Try their design out! Or you can find plenty of good designs online.

How big can I build?

How big? I’m not sure! But you can build until you see in chat “Island Protected”  That means that it is the edge of your Island and you can’t build further.


I have a few more things to say. First off, Thank you so much for reading this! And second, the last thing you must know is about the command /sell hand. You can hold something in your hand, type in this command, and sell the item (all of it in your inventory) to the server! You can then use the cash you got (/bal to see how much you got) to buy things! You can buy from others, or you can buy from /is ms (mini shop) here you can buy the essentials. a bucket of lava (for your cobble gen if you loose your first lava) some dirt, maybe even a sapling or two! Third, if you’re looking for a more detailed list of commands for Skyblock, do /is help. A List of all the commands (and a description of what they do) will pop up in your chat. (I know it’s big!) From here you can do all sorts of things! Like change your biome, check what things other players can do on your island, or even learn how to add a teammate to your island! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and now have a better understanding of Skyblock! if you want to check out my island, do /Is warp su and you are there! (I have a free anvil at my place so stop by anytime!) There will be a new forums post about “Skyblock Tips and tricks” that you may ask questions on or read other people’s ideas! see you later!     -Super

Link to the forum: Skyblock Tips and Tricks Forum

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6 Responses

  1. TheManWithTheOversizedMustache says:

    Great post! I think it will be useful to a lot of players. Another way to level up your island I might add is to first place lava in the sky and then place water over it. This will turn all that lava into cobble which greatly increases your island level. Overall this is great I hope to see more of this from you! 😀

  2. Jeffreylisk says:

    Can you share the world seed for the Skyblock world, or is it a secret? I’m looking for a slime chunk. 😉

  3. TheManWithTheOversizedMustache says:

    Like a world seed for single player?

  4. supermudmatthew says:

    I think that you can do /seed in-game and it will show the seed. if I’m wrong, maybe ask an admin?

  5. Jeffreylisk says:

    Right, like a single player seed. The seed determines which chunks will spawn slimes. I tried /seed, but on the TownCraft server, you get the message, “I’m sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error.” Fortunately, I got lucky and stumbled upon a slime chunk that has worked for me.

  6. TheManWithTheOversizedMustache says:

    Good for you! 😀

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