Skyblock is Back!

We have some great news at Towncraft! Skyblock is back and better than ever before!

On January 15, Skyblock reopened with many new features. The server is running Minecraft 1.11.2 and you are able to choose from three different kinds of Islands that vary in difficulty and the items you can collect.

Using /island help you can access a wide range of commands to interact with your island. For example, you can invite friends to join you on your adventure.

The reopening of Skyblock has been a great success. Many players have joined already and are working to build the most awesome Island!

Many thanks to our administrators for working countless hours to make Towncraft a fun server!


Cabin builder and landscaper

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  1. Jeffreylisk says:

    I’m phyched about Skyblock! Thanks for bringing it back!

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