Silver7 Industries

Hey Guys Silvernail7 here on with some more great news. Most people love building and supplying stuff for themselves/others and we all have fun doing it. Well then do I have a deal for you. I am starting a new Business called “Silver7 Industries” this is going to be a business where we have suppliers builders and etc. I have alerady set up a storage/base for tthis new business and it’s ready. So if u want to be apart of this contact me at or if u dont feel right E-Mailing me /mail send Silvernail7 I’d Like to join Silver7 Industries. and i’ll try and schedule a in game interview and we’ll see how it goes if u decide to E-Mail me answer the follwing questions below.

1. What position would you like in Silver 7 industries?

2. Why did you choose this position?

3. Are you good at it or do you just like doing it?

4. How long have you been on this Server (not exact time just an estimate)

5. Anything you’d like to add?

P.S. You do get paid to do this job 😉

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