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Hi there!

Life in Towncraft is not what is used to be. So much has happened to me the last few weeks, I don’t even know where to start. First, this blog, I mean wow! I dream come true! And last week Niteshadee asked me if I wanted to start working at The Head Shop. All of you who knows me also knows that I LOVE heads! I always buy 5 heads a day! Thats the maximum limit.

I was so happy when she asked me! I was also nervous and you should have seen me on my first shift. I had 3 customers all together and the first one wanted her money back. The second one came back because he got the wrong head and the third one must have fallen a sleep somewhere between ordering and paying. Sorry about that.

But I’m much better now. That’s why I said I wanted a little time before I told you guys. I just needed to know what I was doing. To bad there is something wrong right now with the heads and head shop needs to be closed. I can’t wait for it to open again!

Stay tuned I have so much more┬ánews for you guys….


This is infront of one of my many head walls.


Staff at The Head Shop explain to me how to help the customers.


Lilla H all alone to serve the Head Shop!

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