New Server: CreativeFriends (/CF)

We kicked off a new server yesterday called “Creative Friends”.  You can join Creative Friends by typing /CF or by using the portal for it near the Creative sign in lobby.

What is Creative Friends?

Creative Friends could be described as TC4 meets Creative.

Instead of plots, it is an open world. You can build anywhere you want in the world within its borders, you just need to claim the space first using a Gold Shovel.

Everyone gets 3,000 claim blocks to start so everyone has enough to get building something great!

Some things to know:

  1. You must claim your land before you start building. It works just like it does on TC4. Right-click 2 diagonal corners of your plot with a gold shovel and that will become your protected plot. You will notice that if you try building without claiming you will not be allowed to.
  2. You will not be able to drop items on the ground. If you have an inventory full of things and you just want to get rid of it, use /spawn and right-click the [Disposal] sign. It works just like a chest. Put all the items you don’t want in the “chest” area, and close the window. All of the items will disappear!
  3. You earn more claim blocks as you play. The more you play on /CF the more claim blocks you get automatically!
  4. Report problems you have on /CF using the /TICKET command. To create a ticket use /ticket create (and type your problem.) For example:
    /ticket create I can’t put blocks down on my plot.
    You’ll get a ticket number and you can see updates to your ticket with /ticket actions #. If you have ticket # 10, you can do /ticket actions 10.

We’ll have more details about CF on the website soon.


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