I saw Santa!

I did! In H Town! He was there! AND he she gave me a present. Even though I didn’t even make any preparations. Let me tell you all about it… I was working as usual in H Town when I suddenly saw someone wearing red clothes. It was Santa. I’ve heard rumors about Santa coming but I didn’t believe them since it’s July and in my part of the world Santa arrives at Christmas. But ┬áin ILoveMooses garden there he she was. Handing out gifts! First I was just sneaking around and watching from far away but then Santa saw me and asked if I also wanted a toy. I said no. But I got a present anyway. Thank you Santa!!!


Sneaking on Santa handing out gifts. Look how beautiful IHeartMoose have decorated the garden and the house!


Oh no! Santa spotted me! If Ive been nice? Naughty list? Please no!


IHeartMoose with Santa. I just love IHeartMoose in that christmas jumper!!

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