Rip Jaw Makes A New Record In Mob Arena

Rip was in mob arena just to try to beat the record of 166 waves. He had his mind focus and was not going to die. The previous record was held by kaykay with 166 waves so Rip knew he had a long way to go. So after a long 45 minutes Rip celebrated his victory when he got to wave 167.
I dared Rip to go to wave 200 for two diamond blocks! Rip accepted the challenge and got to wave 200 in no time. Then, I said for three diamond blocks make it to wave 225. Rip made it to 225 and got tired so he quit. Rip was proud to own a new mob arena. Congrats Rip on the new mob arena record.
P.S. I will give prizes if you break the mob arena record.

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2 Responses

  1. mswgheat98 says:

    You forgot that me and pHUB4R were in the mob arena with rip so we should be recognized in this post lol. And it was my idea to try and beat kaykays record btw :p

  2. TylertheEcxan says:

    how much kills did ye get

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