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Yesterday on Towncraft I announced our newest rank: Moderator.

This rank is the stepping stone between player and becoming staff.

Moderators are here to help you, as well as work to keep chat safe and clean for everyone.

Here are a few answers to your questions about the Moderator rank.

Q. Can I apply to be a Moderator?

A. No you cannot apply to be Moderator. Just like all staff positions, you don’t ask to become staff.  We choose players who are helpful and kind in chat, and seem responsible.

Q. Should I message staff when I help people?

A. No. If you go around helping people and then keep messaging staff telling them “I helped so-and-so” in the hopes that you get noticed faster, that will backfire on you. Usually those players want to be a Moderator for the wrong reasons. We play with all of you and we see what you do. You don’t need to brag to us about it.  Just keep being helpful and perhaps you’ll be asked someday.

Q. Are there any perks to being a Moderator?

A. Yes. As a Moderator you’ll have access to all the VIP perks. Think of it as a “thank you” for making yourself available to help when you’re online.

Q. Do you have any tips to getting noticed faster?

A. One of the things that I (and I’m sure most of the staff do too) notice is when new players join some players go out of their way to not only welcome the new player, but ask them if they’d like help starting their life on Towncraft. Need a place to live? Can I show you around? Staff takes note of that. That’s a pro tip you can start using today.

Q. What’s expected of me as a Moderator? Can I lose the rank?

A. We expect you to keep the same helpful spirit that got you noticed and promoted to Moderator in the first place. We expect you to follow all of the Towncraft rules, and continue to be kind to other players.   One of the things we learned with the Helper rank is many people would take the position for the perks, but not actually perform the duties required. If we find that a Moderator is not doing their duties that have been asked of them, we will remove them from the Moderator position.  So yes, it is possible to lose the rank if you are not doing a good job as Moderator.

If you have any more questions about the moderator rank, you can comment them below or you can e-mail me at and I will post your question and answer up here for you.



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