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Real KolgrathHi guys,

Thankfully no one in my family has ever had to go to a Children’s Hospital, but I’m glad it’s there should that unfortunate need ever occurs.

There are thousands of kids where going to Children’s Hospital is a reality each year. Lives are being saved thanks to the work that Children’s Hospital does and this is our chance to keep that work going!

How can we help? Would it surprise you if I told you we can raise money just by playing Minecraft on Towncraft? That’s right.

On November 2nd, (a Saturday), starting at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST, -5:00 UTC) and running until Sunday, November 3rd, 9AM EST, we’ll be having a game-a-thon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  I’m going to pull a Jerry Lewis and be on hand for the whole thing.  And streaming it live on my Twitch channel!

So how can you help? Join the team! Click here to join Team Towncraft and register and start asking friends and family members to pledge towards your team! Our goal for the team is to raise $2,500.00! I know we can do it. 

It all starts by registering. Then share it on Facebook. On Google+. On Twitter. Tell your parents to share it at work. Anything you can do to help get the word out and gather donations for the Children’s Miracle Network will help!

When you register you will get to choose which Hospital you want your fundraising to benefit. I’ve chosen my local Children’s Hospital: Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

As a thank you for your hard work, I will be giving out prizes for your fundraising.

$5 – 50% off coupon for Towncraft Donation Shop

$25 – 250 Claim Blocks, plus lower level prize.

$50 – Sharpness 6, Smite 6, Looting 5, Bane of Arthropods 6, Knockback 2 Diamond Sword with your choice of Name and Lore, plus all lower level prizes.

$100 – Virtual Enderchest, Virtual Crafting Table, Nickname, 4 Mooshroom Eggs, 100 additional Claim Blocks, plus all lower level prizes.

$250 – 64 Diamonds, Have any build you want moved from old TC to TC 2.0, plus all lower level prizes

$500 – Permanent VIP Rank, plus all lower level prizes.

$1000+ – Staff rank (subject to adhering to staff rules), 1600 claim blocks, plus lower level prizes.

If you simply want to make the donation directly to the team to get the prize and not do the fundraising, that’s okay too! Click here to donate. Just let me know after you’ve made the donation and I’ll get you your prize.

Even if you can’t donate yourself, you can still help spread the word. Every bit of support helps! Let’s do this!

Your friend,


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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7 Responses

  1. TheVortex says:

    I almost started crying when I read this, all of the children are going to be so happy to know that a lot of people care.

  2. mhp4085 says:

    I saw the part of the website extra-life for Towncraft and that screenshot looks very familiar 😀 anyone else recognize it?

  3. Excellex says:

    Wish I could donate and such, my schedule has been very crowded, but ill see if I can do my part and help out. :L

  4. Giant Blue Mushroom Potato Fish Tomato says:

    Will you be able to donate after November 3rd?

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