Quiet Night

It’s been such a hectic day. I’m building a few new houses in H Town so that more people can join. They’re now ready and I’ve also cleared loads of land behind the new houses for even more houses. I have also done a lots of work as a moderator which is so much fun. The whole staff/admin crew are so nice to me. I always managed to have time for a few rounds of Hunger Games! I love that! Need to do more of that tomorrow, for sure!

The one thing that I find is very importaint when you have so much fun in TownCraft, as both me and you do, is to remember to spend time with the ones who are the closest to you. That is what I’ve been doing tonight. I’ve been in my sofa watching a movie in my pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate with my dogs on my lap. I have also been out feeding and petting my horses. They are all so cute and wonderful animals!


Dont you just LOVE my bunny slippers??



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