Oh The Places You’ll Go

I’m back with a special presentation of The Great Wall Of Towncraft. It was built by Yargyo and it took him 2 hours to make it. He took his time and made exactly like the The Great Wall of China. We were all admiring it when he first announced that it was done. We were all in great awe of the great build.Again great job Yargyo!2013-10-06_11.24.01

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5 Responses

  1. Kolgrath says:

    You really have to see this in person to get a full appreciation for it. Good job Yargyo!

  2. ellie2003 says:

    Now.. to make him fall off it! (Falling videos for dah win!!)

  3. MCS7 says:

    Good job Yargyo sorry I wont be able to see it for my self for a little bit busy this week

  4. ellie2003 says:

    Im sorry, but I must say, this COULD be the tower Yargyo build on the sand tower infront of my brothers home >.>

  5. TheVortex says:

    Congragulations Yargo! Where is the wall located?

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