Party weekend

This weekend I went to a party at nolefans93’s house! I’ve never been and It was a great deal of fun. They playd music chairs. I got a great shot of all of us. Please comment if youre on the pic!

I also have really really wonderful news! I got a new job in TC4!! I will tell you all about it very soon. I just need to learn some more about it and feel just a little bit more comfortable before I tell you guys. But some of you might have already met me at my new job.

Im also so happy about the positive respons I got about this blog. So many of you have contacted me to tell me that you like my updates and I’m so happy to hear that! I will sure keep them coming! Some of you have made suggestions what you want to read about and that is great please keep on  doing that! I love getting new tips and ideas about places to go visit and explore and new people to meet. Have you built something really fantastic and you want to show me? Send me an email or contact me here or  if you see me online! Im happy to come and visit! Talk to you all soon!


The whole gang. Please let me know if you’re on the pic and I will add your name to the text. It’s me and nolefan93 to start with.


Music chairs

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  1. Puppywolfbite says:

    Finally farming and if you need any eggs please msg or /mail me I have at least 2large chests worth and will sell them at 0.50 a stack of 16

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