A normal day in TC

Today I have been doing a lot of boring things like collect wood, and mining for rocks, and other things that are importaint to get everyday life going. I’m going to move a lot of farm animals to H Town so I need to make miles of fences for them. All my animals are so naughty and they always escape their pens so I need to make them extra super strong.


I was out flying today and met some boys and Girls who were building a big Island in the middle of the sea. I stopped and helped out a bit. It was a lot of fun. I took some pictures. The people I who was there was Enderdraggy, BlueDove, BandanaHawk, Minecrafter10081 & J_A_V_K (let me know if I missed anyone).





Me & Minecrafter 10081


Many had frostwalkers boots so it would be easier to work around the water since they started out with much ground at all.

2016-08-14_20.07.41 2016-08-14_20.14.04

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