New, Awesome Warps!

Several players have been working on building up TC4 with a couple of amazing new warps!

I had the honor of touring 2 of these /warps… and we had a lot of fun! These two warps were /warp carnival and /warp station.

/warp carnival is the perfect place to have fun, and includes plenty of rides! The roller coaster there is so fast, it’s hard to get your mouse in the right direction. Not to mention the dunk tank – so be prepared to get wet.

/warp station is a new warp that focuses on the new TC radio. To check out the radio, visit ! /warp station has a DJ post, beautiful decoration, and more awesome buildings to see. If you want to chill somewhere and listen to awesome music, come visit /warp station! Thanks so much to supermudmatthew for building this great warp.

If you’re too busy to come see these warps, fret not! I have provided you with pictures!


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