Never again

I’m working on this huge Project right now in H Town and it needs so much quartz. I usually buys all my quartz but I realized it’s going to be to expensive for this Project so I need to mine my own nether quartz. The only problem is that I am really scared of The Nether. I never go there. Like N E V E R. But, since empty wallet took over, I forced myself to go there and do some mining. I used my neighbours portal, I don’t even have my own and I managed to stay for like half an hour. Thats all I could take. Sorry. But I was so scared. It was so hot, there was lava everywhere and scary mobs and monsters trying to get to me and I just did not want to stay. I will just have to find a way to earn more money so I can buy the quartz I need. I know what you guys are thinking but you can’t be brave all the time, you just can’t.  I got you some proof I was even there.

2016-08-28_19.33.04 2016-08-28_19.33.34 2016-08-28_19.34.10

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  1. Molly_Cakes says:

    Thats so cool! I can spend hours in the nether tbh

  2. Josh106 (TFjosh2016) says:



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