[Moderator] Rebooted

Due to things going on recently, the [Moderator] position has been created again, only as [Vanguard]. This should help players take care of some issues when a OP is not on.

To submit an application go here (http://towncraft.us/moderator-application/) and fill in the required information. For security reasons the information is sent only to Kolgrath.

Hopefully the Vanguards can keep the streets of Towncraft clean, as their jobs are to make sure we have no out-of-line players causing trouble.

Samtheman157 and miningvillager10 are the first Vangaurds if im correct, so congratz to them!~

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  1. Kolgrath says:

    Thanks for raising awareness of this issue, and remember when you’re doing a report and don’t know something – you can always ask.

    For those of you interested in the new Vanguard (moderator) rank, you can apply here:

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