How To Buy And Sell With Player Shops

Selling with [Trade] Signs:

Selling your items is very easy. You can post your player shop signs in your own shop or at /warp Trade. It’s as easy as making a sign.

Put up your sign and do the following:

Line 1: Type [Trade]

Line 2: Put your price with a $ in front. For example $500 (Do not add the :0 after it. That happens automatically.)

Line 3: How many you are selling at a time, of what, followed by a colon : and how many you have available to sell.
For example:  1 Diamond:64  means I’m selling 64 diamonds, 1 at a time.
Another example: 5 Bread:500 means I’m selling 500 bread, 5 at a time.

Line 4: BLANK. Do not add your name here. That happens automatically.

When you’re done, the [Trade] on your sign should turn BLUE. If it’s RED, then you did something wrong.

Below you’ll see Dylan068’s [Trade] sign. He’s selling 8 Redstone at a time for $4. See how it automatically added the :0 after his price? That tells Dylan how much money he has available to collect. Right now he has $0.

dylan068 trade sign

Kolgrath on the other hand is selling 1 Wheat at a time. The :0 after 1 Wheat means he is sold out. There is 0 inventory left. If you look at his price, $1, you’ll see there is a :45 after it. That means Kolgrath has $45 available to collect.

kolgrath wheat trade sign



To collect your money: Right click your sign.
To restock your inventory: Right click your sign while holding the item you want to restock.

To cancel your sales: Destroy the sign. Any owed money and items will be returned to you.

Buying From Other Players with [Trade] Signs:

You can buy items from other players whether they’re online or offline using a [Trade] sign. You can even set your budget of how much you’ll spend on the items total. It’s very easy.

Line 1: Type [Trade]

Line 2: Enter how much you’re buying of what. Do not put spaces in the itemname. If you need help finding an item name, ask in chat or /HELPOP.
1 IronIngot means I’m buying 1 Iron Ingot at a time. 
10 Redstone means I’m buying 10 Redstone Dust at a time.
64 Wheat means I’m buying 64 Wheat at a time.

Line 3: Enter how much you’re paying with a $ sign, followed by a colon : and what your total budget is. Only put the $ sign in front of the line. Do not put it in front of your budget.
$50:50000  means I’m paying $50 per transaction, up to a maximum of $5,000. That’s 100 transactions!
$1:1000  means I’m paying $1 per transaction, up to a maximum of $1,000. That’s 1,000 transactions!

Below Abigar89 has created a diamond buying sign. He’s buying 1 diamond at a time for $300 each. He has set his total budget up at $300,000. You can see on Line 2 he currently has no diamonds waiting for him.

abigar diamond trade sign

Someone has come along and sold 8 diamonds to Abigar89. If you look below, a couple of things have changed. On line 2 you can now see there is an 8 instead of a 0. That means Abigar89 has 8 diamonds to collect. You can also see his remaining budget has changed. Instead of $300,000, Abigar89’s sign now only has $297,600 left to spend on diamonds.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.35.51 AM

To Collect Your Items: Right click on the sign and the items will be added to your inventory.

To Stop Buying Items: Destroy the sign. Any owed items and remaining balance will be returned to you.

Note: When your budget reaches 0 you will need to destroy the sign and create a new one to buy again.

Video Tutorial: