Am I the only one who messes up sometimes?

I made a new donation to Towncraft thinking it was July! But sometimes I wonder if I need to check my self into like a calender center or something because of course it was still June. And it was the last day of June so I got my head up on the wall, for like 6 hours!! Yay! It’s not that I donate to get my head up on the wall but if a actually do get it, it would have been nice to have it up there just a little but longer! I just have myself and my messy head to blame *rolling my eyes at myself* I think it all comes down to me wanting it to be July so bad! I mean who dosen’t?? Summer! And belive, where I live, July is┬áthe month you’ve been waiting for the whole year!


The most important thing to me about the donation is to keep the server going. So they have the means to fix any problems as soon as possible so that it wont disturb us players as much and we can keep on having fun. And also one more thing that is of great inportance for me is that I get pilot rank. I use it when I build my town and also to help other people with their builds.



My friends!

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