Mesmart closes, Kolmart cashes in!

Prices at Kolmart


As you may have seen by now, Mesmart has closed and the prices at Kolmart have jumped up.

Here’s Why

Players are able to select up to 3 jobs on the server. The more you level these jobs the more money you make. In many instances these jobs were allowing players to “double dip”. For example, as a digger you get paid for digging dirt, grass, gravel, etc. After you get paid for the act of digging up these materials, you could then take them to Mesmart and get paid again for selling them. This was causing our economy to start showing signs of inflation.

If you are looking for a way to profit from the items you dig, mine, craft, or collect you can always use /auction or of course you can create a player shop. You are able to post [Trade] signs at /warp trade as well.

For a tutorial on how to create [Trade] signs, click here.

Prices at Kolmart Skyrocket

With the pricing the way it was at Kolmart, it made way more sense for players to just buy what they needed from the admin shop as opposed to attempting to gather or craft the items themselves, let alone try and find a player shop that offered it.

By raising prices on items across the board it makes everything feel more valuable. Finding diamonds is always a nice treat but now knowing that they are $10,000 each makes them that much more valuable and exciting!

We’ve also brought back Armor and Tools. ┬áThe prices reflect the realities of the metal and gems market. If you’re looking for better prices, ask on chat for a blacksmith or watch the auctions.

Kolmart was intended to be a convenience for players, but not a go-to every time. We want you to trade with other players, and we want you to be out in the world working and collecting the things you need.

We’re happy to make Kolmart available for you to buy the things you need, but remember that convenience comes at a price.

The Future of Player Shops

Kolmart will be adding a Player Shops section in the near future. It will have warp buttons you can press to visit player shops for the various jobs. Woodcutting, Blacksmithing, Farming, etc. If you want to be included in this warp system and make some good money, I suggest you start working on your player shop so you’re ready when the announcement is made!


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