Memories of The Past

Hello guys, this is Vuke here asking for you to take part in this post. Since we are approaching the Second Anniversary of TownCraft I would like to hear from you players and tell us your favorite memories. I think it’s important to bring stuff from the past to make us enjoy ourselves and make people happy about we what all have accomplished in the past.

Ok I would just like to share my favorite memory of my TownCraft past. This was at the very beginning of TownCraft’s Meteor strike event, Kol was eager to get people to the new “Planet” in the spaceships and so he took a group of people late at night before the original date set to leave the old “planet”. The group was excited that Kol offered to take us early but the only dreadful thing was that we had to leave everything behind and start life over. The new “planet” was harsh at the beginning but I made 2 friends that I’m friends with till this day. The 2 friends would be Excellex and Rigginator. I will hold this memory forever. That’s my TownCraft memory.


Please share your past memory of TownCraft.

From, Vuke

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31 Responses

  1. Count von Stroganov says:

    My favorite memory of TownCraft is of the third day I joined, all the way back in April of 2013. LIZ_MINOR gathered up nearly every player on TownCraft and built BudderBoots High School, of which I was the Redstone Teacher as well as the Dormitory Manager.

  2. CatsRule543 says:

    I remember when I first got on in november of 2013, I was sort of a hobo, then a certain friend by the name of clyde took me in and helped me live, and is still one of my best friends to this day.

  3. Bubba_Hotap says:

    i remember the most the day i first met legoblock200 (vuke) and we built a huge underground base

  4. mhp4085 says:

    April 2013 when i joined with my btother and I lived in this town called Beachtown

  5. Silvernail7 says:

    My favorite memory of towncraft is the day I met a very good friend that I am and always will be friends with CatsRule543 ever since the day I got a large chest of stuff to salvage we’ve been good friends since!

  6. TheGeneral says:

    I remember about two years ago when i joined, the first few days were amazing. It was a vast community of family friendly people working together to survive and live in the new minecraft world. The town motiville, was filled with people at all times and it just grew and grew.

  7. lilykitty90 says:

    My favorite memory of Towncraft was about half month after Christmas when my dad bought us minecraft we (me and my sister) joined the day after! And i remember that a
    person with a chipmunk skin gave me some stake! Then i died…

    • lilykitty90 says:

      Another memory I have was when i got my faithful horse “Missy”. I just kept asking “Anyone selling horses?” and then Clyde55555 (five fives right?) said “Selling horses” She actually gave it to me for free. Thanks for the horse Clyde!

  8. Kolgrath says:

    I have so many, but I have to go with the very first day of Towncraft. When I first started with a whitelist I didn’t know I had to reload it. Finally someone posted on the thread on forums how to reload the whitelist and when I did, the flood gates opened. We had so many people join the first day!

    We started with a clean slate and it seemed like in a matter of hours we had a sprawling starter town complete with stores and other public buildings. I met so many great players that day, and continue to meet new players all the time that are just as fantastic.

    As exciting as that first day of Towncraft was, things are still just as exciting now. New players join every day, and I’m proud to be a part of the greatest community in all of gaming.

    • Kolgrath says:

      With that 1st day speech out of the way, here is a specific funny memory.

      Our first griefer used TNT to blow up buildings and also set fires. Since we were vanilla to start, we couldn’t just do a /pr lookup to see who griefed. That’s when a police force was born out of the Mobhunters. It was their job to run around and actually keep the town safe from not only creepers blowing stuff up, but from griefers too.

      Well the griefer just couldn’t believe he could get away it so much grief and not get caught, so he couldn’t help himself but gloat. He sent an e-mail to me telling me what an idiot I was, etc. etc. One small problem. Whenever you send an e-mail to someone your IP address is part of the extended header of that e-mail. I just matched up the e-mail’s IP with the IP of the player on the server and presto! We found our griefer. I replied to his e-mail with his in game name, and told him the Jig was up. He responded that I was wrong, but as soon as I banned the person the grief stopped immediately. Go figure.

  9. Count von Stroganov says:

    And yet even after we could do /pr and look it up, we had another mastermind griefer. This one I was here for: Motivic. Ghoulish ghasts galore!

  10. Dagger50 says:

    I would say I have a tie.

    1. Meeting all the great friends I have on TC
    2. Seeing that one broadcast message pop up, “Congratulations to our newest protector, Dagger50!”

  11. Yorkies says:

    My favorite memory was of the first day of Towncraft, it was a great day. I remember everyone running from the snow-biome based spawn to the town that we would soon call home. That was the most memorable moment of Towncraft and Minecraft for me.

  12. Chicken_With_A_Heaband says:

    Ah so many memories, I remember back when towncraft had pvp a long time ago and i met Excellex and Ldawg421 good times good times. I remember in TC 1 some of the staff were trying out the new trapped chest when it came out and made a test area of it near Ivory Tower (old staff tower) and i fell into lava when i tried to open the chest lol. One time me and ripjaw99 got on a really high level in the mob arena and beat the record.Also when I became a vanguard and then a protector last year and in the begining of this year that was really awesome because I always looked up to staff back on TC 1 and now i could finally do that job. Another good time was back when the meteor hit and we arrived on tc 2.0 and I lived in the same town (whiterun) with Ghostleader30k and Vuke (Legoblock200 at the time. And also when I first met my chicken buddies Star_wars13,MCS7, and waffleofdeath99 on TC 2.0. And last memory is when before the meteor hit in TC 2.0 a couple staff were messing around and disguised themselves as different mobs and then as myself and trolled a bunch of people haha. I know this was a lot but it was a lot of Good times and I can’t wait to make more

  13. avm321 says:

    One of my favorite memories from TC 1 is the first day I joined and I died and didn’t know how to use /back and I ran all the way back to the place I died the first few minutes I was on and luckily I wasn’t far away. XD

  14. kaykay12446 says:

    My best memory would of course have to be the day I joined….although it was two years ago and on the old server I remember it like it was yesterday, I had joined the server and immediately(after I read the rules)a user named coolcopboy123 took me to his house and gave me supplies and let me build a room onto the house. It was eventually griefed and I has to move out. We are still friends and play together to this day. 🙂

  15. Electricfior180 says:

    My Most remembered memorie of TOWNCRAFT was when i first joined and met new friends coolcopboy123,jackypup, and the one and only cheesegirl5057. I love u guys. And keep making good updates thx and bye!!!

  16. Electricfior180 says:

    My Most remembered memorie of TOWNCRAFT was when i first joined and met new friends coolcopboy123,jackypup, and the one and only cheesegirl5057. I love u guys. And keep making good updates thx and bye!!!

  17. StarSquirrel555 says:

    Well… my most remembered memory was starting at a ZA, and totes surviving. Also when the message came up “StarSquirrel555, Is our newest Protector!

  18. Silvernail7 says:

    Heat what an I chopped liver?!

  19. Legoman20001 says:

    My favourite towncraft memorie is probably when I was in a ZA & I was at spawn wit heaps of other players & heaps we’re dying & I nearly died but a few players in diamond armor came & saved us so the rest of us survived and won a diamond

  20. Alli2277 says:

    Wow, I have so many memories. It was the first MC server I ever joined, and to this day it is my favorite. I remember my first day, when I was a complete noob to Minecraft PC. I explored spawn for an hour, until Soren_Ella offered me a room in her house. Another memory, not long ago, like two months ago lol, is when Kolgrath abandoned Fort Kolgrath, and told all players to tear it down. I found a stack of iron blocks, several op items, and a ton of other stuff. Oh, and one time imylee13 and I built a not-so-succesful town together, and shortly after, we destroyed it for we only had enough room to build three houses. And I almost forgot about my building company that me and TheIronCreeper2 now own. It is now extremely succesful and I am a level 33 Builder. And right now, I am building a HUGE MANSION that took up 5,673 blocks of claiming. Yep, now I only have 85 claim blocks left and keep buying out all the wool at Starry’s wool shop to finish the floor. And, if anybody is still reading, I remember my first encounter with DIAMONDS. I dug under a nether portal and I found it, but I didn’t have an iron pick. I kept mining around till a friendly player named touchdown816 gave me a Mine Singer, and full diamond armor. Yep, that’s all,

  21. 1seby says:

    1day I joined I was pretty scared. Only person online was 1seby. Then there was my first ZA I died soo many times. Until my humble home put me out of my misery. MCS was my first real friend. Then Beastboy then Script. I’m so happy to be a part of this server now””,,,,!

  22. Juggler1000 says:

    The first day I joined, it was during a ZA, so I joined amidst a swarm of unfriendly zombies. To say the least it was good for my health. After the ZA was over, I started playing mobarena with some people. I did mobarena pretty much for like an hour or two straight. After I stopped, I came back and I had a inventory full of iron gold and diamond swords (remember the OP mobarena rewards?) I sold most of the gold for a nice profit, and I used some of my money to buy a bunch of wood. That’s how I started out.

    My two most favorite memories would be making building up Vuke’s town, and meeting my three best friends on Towncraft, Avm, Mufa, and Bpanda 🙂

  23. ScriptJunkie says:

    I remember my really crude home which had the stone brick walls in which me and my family lived in. I enjoyed hosting fireworks shows for all of the players and would spend hours making firework stars etc. I also remember tons of players pitching in and making all sorts of fireworks for the show.

    Not long before this i remember the server crashing and Cruim was unavailable and Kolgrath was scrambling to see what had happened and had to get back to work. I just remember him saying something like “You know how to fix this?” in which i replied “yes” and bam i was granted staff and handed the keys to help out. Took about an hour but we got TC back up and all was well in the world. Since then I have dedicated myself to making TC the best and cleanest family friendly server there is.

    Thanks for trusting me Kol with your server. It has been an honor.

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