mcMMO skills are now server-wide

TC4, SK, and MobArena now all share the same mcMMO skills! So the combat skills you earn on MobArena now carry over to SK and TC4! And your Mining skills you earn on TC4 will now carry over to SK!

For the initial sync, I went with the server with the highest mcMMO skills: SK.

So if your scores got reset to zero, I am very sorry for that. It just means you’ve never played on SK, or at least haven’t earned any rank ups on there. But the good news is, going forward, your scores will be the same everywhere! So hit that MobArena and get those archery skills up, soldier!

Before the sync, here were your Top 10 TC4 mcMMO players:

TC4 McMMO Top 10 5-25-17

Congratulations to these players! 1st place was given $10,000 on TC4. 2nd Place was given $9,000, 3rd place was given $8,000… all the way down to 10th place getting $1,000!

I hope you are excited as I am about server-wide mcMMO scores and hope you enjoy ranking up and reaping the rewards on all the servers that use mcMMO!



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