TC News – The Main Lobby is Back! Paintball, Games and More!


The Bad News: The holiday lobbies are gone. The good news? The greatly missed Paintball is back! Towncrafters from all over are very excited to start playing again. The paintball game “King of Helix” Is extremely popular.

How to play: King/Queen of Helix is a game that revolves around a large, spiral, multicolor build located in lobby. Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it. The goal of the game is to climb up the helix without being knocked off with paintballs, and to knock other players off the helix. When you reach the top, you are “king” or “queen” of the helix until you are knocked off again. You must remain in the game the entire time while climbing the helix, it’s cheating to only join when you reach the top or set homes at the top.

When asked about their favorite thing about paintball, DankerCloud976 replied that he loved watching the paint explode. Other Towncrafters replied around the same lines, that the colors were awesome and the games were fun.

What is your favorite thing about paintball? Comment below!



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