“Kolgrath: The Tirax Prophecy” Towncraft Fan Fiction by SuperWarrior18

The following is a story written by SuperWarrior18. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! – Kolgrath

Kolgrath: The Tirax Prophecy

kolgrath-superwarrior18-ender dragon
Kolgrath lay in the mines, just being knocked down by a creeper, half a heart left. He was surrounded by many, many skeletons and zombies, their claws ripping at him, slowly biting away at his life…

“Honey!” Called his wife, Bettyhorde, “Dinners ready!”

“One second! Im playing Minecraft!” Yelled Kolgrath, slightly childish.

“Ok, 10 more minutes!” Replied Betty.

Kolgrath got back to his game, and his Minecraft character’s life has been taken by the mob horde. All his stuff has been lost, including his diamond tools and armour. He respawned at his small home in the plains biome. He was so mad that he threw his computer across the room, literally.

The electricity zapped Kolgrath and the world turned white. He then woke up to see that everything was blocky. He thought this blocky texture looked oddly familiar. but what really tipped him off, was when a blocky, silly pig walked up to him and oinked.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” Screamed Kolgrath running in circles.

Kolgrath was confused looking in all directions, everywhere was trees and grass.  He started walking the world slowly coming into view he saw a small village in the distance and started running towards it, hoping to get loot from the blacksmith. He walked into the village and looked everywhere. No Blacksmith. Kolgrath was stuck in an empty world. Alone.

He then heard voices, dozens of them. All yelling ‘KOLGRATH!!!!!!!!!!” He then heard the sound of messages coming in for him. Most of them with nice comments but the occasional “GIVE IT BACK NOWWWWW!!!!!” He saw little Minecraft characters running towards him, some giving him gifts of items and Kolbucks. They then guided him to spawn and urged him to to a drop party, chanting “Dp! Dp! Dp plz!”

He looked around recognizing the players’ usernames and skins. He spotted SuperWarrrior18, BennettMD, 1skywalkers, Enderman_Emperor, Mister_Minesalot, and countless others. He then knew. He was in his server, Towncraft! He saw the Tc4 Spawn, in all its glory. He explained to everyone that he was stuck in Minecraft, most of the players just laughed, but 5 players actually believed him! The players were 1skywalkers, Enderman_Emperor, Mister_Minesalot, BennettMD, And SuperWarrior18. They stepped behind Kolgrath, joining him. Then, they started their mission: To get Kolgrath back.

They quickly decided that they could not let Kol die. If his Minecraft character parishes, they don’t know if he can just respawn, like in normal Minecraft gameplay. SuperWarrior18 got Kolgrath some Tools and 1skywalkers got him some Armour.  Then they sat down in the Kol Cafe to talk. They got in a party chat, so no one else can hear them talking. They talked about how they could get Kol back to the mortal world.

Just then a player joined the game. His name, was Dragon_Master99991 He somehow got into the party chat and said “The Tirax Prophecy, The Ender Dragon, Do It now.” And then left. The 5 players talked about the event that happened, then decided, They need to get to the end. The problem was, Tc4 is so new, no one has found an end portal yet. 5 players, finding a nether portal, and fighting the dragon?

“That is way too risky, Kol might get hit by the dragon, then he’s done for,” Said BennettMD, “we need a team.”

They stood there for a second then all cried out, In full red color “Help us find and fight the Dragon! Tpa to join the group!” A few admins got on a few of them for using red, but Kol said it was ok. About 3 people tpa’d and the group decided that their team was large enough, they then set out on their journey. They waited in 1skywalker and SuperWarriror18’s home untill day, then set out. The journey was perilous. Enderman_Emperor and SuperWarriror18 died, twice, and had to tpa to another person in the group. Most importantly though, was that Kolgrath was still full health, no sign of dying.

They finally came to a small cave to rest. Kolgrath slept uncomfortably. His head, lying on the cold, dank cave floor. The next morning, he woke up. Though tired he was able to get on his feet and eat his breakfast. His breakfast consisted of Beef, Beef, and… you guessed it! Beef!

1skywalkers threw Kol and elytra, as they were climbing a mountain today. Kol put the wings on his back a started going up the mountain, and for the first time since he was sucked into the game, he didn’t feel scared. He felt, free, oddly. in minutes, Kol had scaled the entire mountain. He waited for the others to catch up to him, then they flew. they flew with their elytras, with wind in their hair, it was amazing, then Kol’s elytra’s durability ran out. He started falling falling quickly he was about to hit the ground, but he steered himself over to a near pond. the pond, however lead into a cave.

He called the group over to him, and they came. Kol and his group looked around the cave until they saw a black void-looking portal. The end portal. SuperWarrior jumped in first, followed by Bennett, 1sky, Enderman, Mister, and finally Kol. SuperWarrior immediately took out the end crystals, one by one. 1sky and Bennett were taking out the Ender Dragon together as Enderman, Mister, and Kol took the Endermans’ life to get End Pearls to help destroy the Ender Crystals. Then the Dragon swooped in, and knocked Kolgrath back. Kol fell into the void. he kept falling, and falling, and falling. 1sky threw his elytra down to save Kol, Kolgrath put the wings on and flew through the void getting back to the end platform. He then hit the Dragon continually until he heard the amazing sound “GUAAAAHH” The sound of the Dragon dying.

The egg didn’t drop though. What did drop instead, however, was a portal, made of dirt. A sign on the portal read, “To Leave.” and that was all. Kolgrath thanked The group and gave them each, a special item for assisting him. He then walked through the portal. He got back home just in time for dinner.

Thank you MinecraftMidgets for inspiring me to write this.

Thank you Kolgrath for creating The amazing server, Towncraft

Thank you 1skywalkers, Enderman_Emperor, Mister_Minesalot, And BennettMD for helping me since I started Towncraft

Thank you Towncraft! For being an amazing server with the best players ever!

And Thank you, for reading this short story.

Written by SuperWarrior18


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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