Introducing: Towncraft Fit Club!

Playing on Towncraft is lots of fun, but it’s important to get out in the fresh air too!

Since we all can use a little motivation sometimes, Towncraft is proud to announce the Towncraft Fit Club.

You can earn Kolbucks just by getting out and moving around!

There are two ways you can earn:

STEPS: A Kolbuck Penny for every Step You Take! (Up to 10,000 or $100)

Count the steps you take. You can use any pedometer that counts steps. Keep track throughout the day and then at the end submit the number of steps you’ve taken and your account will be updated with Kolbucks within 24 hours!

MILES: $20 Kolbucks for every Mile you Walk/Jog/Run (Up to 5 miles or $100)

Keep track of the numbers of miles you walk/jog/run. At the end of the day submit the number of miles you’ve walked/jogged/ran and your account will be updated with Kolbucks within 24 hours!

You can submit your steps/miles by clicking on this link, or on the handy form on the right.

Let’s get moving!

(Note: We want EVERYONE to feel included. So if there is anything that prevents you from walking, jogging, or running please contact and we’ll come up with another fun way to earn some activity points towards Kolbucks!)


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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15 Responses

  1. MCS7 says:

    Wow EPIC idea I love it! they get paid to get fit! I LOVE IT! Gj Kolgrath

  2. Ryker says:

    Sadly, I can’t leave this house too much. I’m taking care of my grandparents right now, which limits how much I can leave the house. I don’t like to be far from them in case they need me, but we do have a treadmill in the living room I could use…

  3. Clyde says:

    Love the idea, I am pretty excited about this because I just signed up for a track team. But, I must add that a lot of people can’t walk or run. So I recommend adding something for doing sports or yoga. (I absolutely love yoga, I don’t know how you could measure it through….)


    • Kolgrath says:

      I absolutely agree, and that’s why I mentioned at the bottom of the post for anyone who is unable to walk for any reason to contact me and we’ll come up with another way to score some activity points and earn Kolbucks for them. We want to include everyone, nobody should be left out for any reason. 🙂

  4. Count von Stroganov says:

    I have a problem with my knee cartilage (I got stabbed with a broken fencing sword two years ago in the back of my knee) and I can’t run. Would it be possible to get a KolBuck for every time I score a point in my tennis match this weekend?

  5. StarSquirrel555 says:

    Whew, Gotta run more. AHH CREEPER! Gotta run! To get myself 1,0000,0000 Buckaroos! Oh not 1,0000,0000? Bummer. CREEPER!

  6. kodykraft says:

    I love it I have took over 1000000 steps but it doesn’t update every 24 hours like what is says it would do so I am geting mad I want to know how many steps we are at!

  7. kodykraft says:

    Come on update ! I ma geting reay mad and upset ;(

  8. kodykraft says:

    Ytpo not ma am

  9. kodykraft says:

    Hey guys come on leys get walking / joging we can make it to our goal in maybe 1 week i f we work together I was an averred 300000 steps a day

  10. lilykitty90 says:

    Wish I could do this! Sadly, I don’t have a pedometer and i have a new baby sister
    so we haven’t done much lately.

  11. kodykraft says:

    Come on let’s get moving we can make it

  12. Kolgrath says:

    Fit club is currently not active at this time. That’s exciting about your skateboard!

  13. Kolgrath says:

    Certainly, you can join on PC at (default port)

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