New and improved ZA!!

Hey guys once again Silvernail7 here with some more great news! You guys know how some of you didn’t like ZA? Some of you loved it? Well our programmer ScriptJunkie has come up with a solution! From now on if you dont want to be a part of ZA do /za optout If you do want to be a part of ZA do /za optin ┬áits as simple as that! hope you guys all enjoy!

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5 Responses

  1. Chitterchatter_ says:

    Watch out however, if you are standing next to someone that is in the ZA, the zombies can still get you so you might want to keep your distance!

  2. Christofailure says:

    This is a great help, guys. Not just for people who don’t want to participate, but for people using minechat. I know I do a lot, and I’m always afraid I’ll die. /za optout

  3. Ahsen_ says:

    Ohhhh!! Is THIS why I keep wondering where the zombies are during ZA? Haha, I’m really VERY glad to hear this, it will be nice to choose whether or not to participate! See, this is why all our players need to check back in here more often, so they don’t pull an Ahsen_ “what, huh? What’s going on?!?! ACCCKK WHY am I dying a traumatic death?!? Wait, no one can hear my chat messages anymore?? ARE THEY ALL DEAF?? ” lol Thanks again to VukeTheDuke for warning me about that last change so I remembered to come here and read up on the newest stuff!

  4. mhp4085 says:

    I’m only going to participate when I need Exp

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