I don’t know what to say

I am lost for words! I can’t tell if I am more angry or sad! Someone has been into city hall of H Town and taken all my valuable things. And by then I mean valuable to me! Heads from my head collection, you all know how precious they are to me, my computers, the one I play minecraft at and write this blog from and also my lored items. There were especially ONE item that was so dear to me, the one Kolgrath gave to me that I think I am the only one who’s got. It was a lored stick named ‘Lilla’s Adventure Stick’. I had it framed on the wall outside cityhall.

I really feel with all you guys who had you houses griefed. But I want you to know that we are here for you. The staff work tirelessly to stop the griefing. Let us know as soon as you find out. And remember, it’s never okay to take someone elses things without their premission, even if you have trust on their property or the land is not claimed, it is still not yours.



Looking at my empty wall where all those special heads were placed


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  1. KillerRedWolf says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! As a fellow head collector, I know it must be horrible to have lost all of those heads! Not to mention all those items! ???? I hope they get found!

  2. RightyBird says:

    Lilla_h, and anybody else who finds their claims been griefed, here are the simple things you should remember:

    1: Always claim your land. I cannot stress this enough. TownCraft cannot protect what you don’t mark as yours. Don’t know how to claim land? It’s pretty straightforward. type `/kit tools` and get yourself a golden shovel. Now click the ground in opposite corners that represent where you want to claim. It will even give you a ‘visual’ of what you claimed. Done!

    2: Think twice before giving trusts of your claims to others. If you give trust to somebody you are essentially saying ‘you can use/take/destroy/replace/sell everything here!” – That’s what trust means. If you are just wanting to give them ‘access’ to open doors but not take things, try giving them ‘accesstrust’ instead. Or maybe you might want to just give them a sub-trust of a smaller area.

    3: Check with your ‘trusted’ friends on what happened. We take griefing very seriously in Towncraft but sometimes misunderstandings does happen. So maybe your ‘trusted’ players redecorated or were confused.

    3: Always report to staff if you have been griefed. They can help you understand where things went wrong, and offer solutions to resolve it.

  3. Josh106 (TFjosh2016) says:

    Was all of it claimed?
    (PS, sorry to hear about losing some of your stuff.)

  4. xSwimmy says:

    Oh no Lilah!!! I hope you get the stuff back ????????

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