Hi. Im sorry I’ve been on holiday. Haven’t you all been on holiday? Where I live the weather have been terrible and I wish I have been infront of the computer with you guys instead of getting all wet and soaked in rain. And when someone in you family thinks living a bit primitive is a good idéa it gets even worse, you can’t even have a hot shower in the evening to get warm again. Not sure I want to call that a holiday. I know, I am complaining, I shouldn’t, it’s just been a bit cold. Like Winter. Almost. Freezing. But I’m fine. Let’s move on.

Something I do love on holidays is to explore. I managed to take some great photos for you of a few builds that I just love. I Think you all should just get out, both in TC4. Hard and Creative and explore. Look at each others builds and soak up the inspiration and admire your friends creativity. There are so much great things out there. (these Pictures are a mix from all 3 servers)

2016-08-04_11.18.462016-08-20_11.50.28 2016-08-20_11.52.35 2016-08-20_11.54.09 2016-08-20_11.55.23

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  1. grubrayden says:

    nice pic of the soon-to-be /warp lakeside! (the 1st one)

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