Hi! I’m supermudmatthew!


Hey all! I’m supermudmatthew! You may have seen me on towncraft before or if not, it’s nice to meet you! If you could leave suggestions in the comment box below that would be awesome! I’m going to be writing a series for towncraft called “Wizarding Words! (by supermudmatthew)” That’s what you’re reading now!!


What do I like to do?


This is my house. If you want to visit me then just go to spawn, Go down purpur road for a little, then turn left! I have a whole host of pets and animals you may freely pet! I also have lovely neighbors and a nice flower garden!


I created this building! You may recognize it! It’s called /warp trade! I will do a whole article on it in the future! But for now, I like to hang out there!


This is very new! This is /warp parkour! This warp will also have its own article but for now… it’s so much fun to exercise here!

I hope you enjoy my series! Please leave comments and suggestions below! If you want me to check anything out or even put it in an article /mail me ingame or comment below!! -supermud




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  1. Meweverdeen says:

    Awesome job super! I’m looking forward to seeing more articles by you 😀

  2. Eli Klausner says:

    Nice Super!! You sure have a flare for writing I don’t have, I’m jealous. 😀

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