My fingers are bleeding!! (not really)

Being a town owner is a hard job. I haven’t had time for anything these days. Tons of paperwork to go through. It’s been long hours at the office and a lot of things to fix with the buildings. Broken windows, claims to re size, fences to put up, animals to feed and horses to exercise. My town isn’t that big yet and I don’t have any staff, it’s only me. I prefer it like that. So far I have 8 residents living here.


My little office space. The names on the wall are the people living in my town!


Updating the message board in city hall.


My office and city hall is so far connected. I like when I can sit in the office and see people passing by. As you can see I’ve got several ovens. Do you guys want to know a secret? It wasn’t until last week I read what it actually means to fully be a VIP. It was then I learned about /cook 🙂 *rooling my eyes at myself*


Fixing a broken door in one of the cottages. A little bit of rain wont scare me off!


My mushroom cows all love me!


Trying to break in one of my new horses. Both of my new horses are very naughty and only wants to climb and jump into the water. Maybe I should build them a little pool?

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  1. Kolgrath says:

    I love how much thought and effort you’ve put into your town! It looks amazing! By the way thanks for using your magical pilot powers to help me finish clearing my plot on /Hard server. I’ve now planted a ton of Jungle Trees and it’s really starting to take shape!

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