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Towncraft Minecraft Server Guide for Parents


Hello, I’m Kolgrath and I am the owner and operator of the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I created Towncraft in August of 2012 to have a fun and safe place to play Minecraft online with my son, Drakeot7. I pride myself on our efforts to keep our youngest players safe, as does our staff. Over half of our admin staff are parents themselves, and we have many families who connect and play together on Towncraft.

What is Minecraft?

I personally describe Minecraft as 3D Legos. But it’s more than that. If you can imagine it, you can create it or do it in Minecraft. You can build a house. You can create a farm. You can discover spooky abandoned mineshafts and forgotten underground strongholds.

I let my son play because I really see it stretching his imagination. He never ceases to amaze me with the ingenious machines and contraptions he invents, or the magnificent towers and houses he constructs.

Everything done in the world of Minecraft has to be built or crafted from raw materials. Players are challenged to collect the materials to make the items they want. It constantly has players planning and thinking out their next actions.

What Is Towncraft?

Towncraft is our Minecraft Server. It allows Minecraft players to connect to each other through one single location.

Towncraft is designed with family friendliness in mind with everything we do. From our mini-games, to our events and towns, kids can safely play on Towncraft wherever they go.

So many other servers are full of bullies and profanity, but not here. We take those things very seriously and remove the problem players before they ever get a chance to take hold on our server.

You can rest assured that Towncraft is a safe place for you and your family to play. You have my word.


To ensure a safe and fun place to play for everyone, we strictly enforce the following rules:

  • No profanity
  • No innuendos or inappropriate language
  • No personal information on the server
  • No bullying
  • No stealing or harming another player’s property

Players who violate our rules are either muted (no permission to chat), jailed (their in-game character cannot venture out in the world for a period of time) or banned from connecting to our server altogether.


Players have the option to sign up for our server forums. It is a separate service provided by During their registration process they ask players to confirm they are over 13, as well as ask for an e-mail address.

Players are not required to participate on forums to enjoy all that Towncraft has to offer. Players are not to divulge any other personal information other than their e-mail address and Minecraft screen name.

Should any player receive strange private messages on our forums, we ask players to notify us right away so we can investigate. We have not had any complaints to date, but we are always vigilant in defense of our younger players.

To help parents understand what’s going on in the server or to share input about the Towncraft experience for kids, we have a special board set up on our forums just for parents.


Towncraft does feature the ability to chat with other players via both a chat channel and private messaging system.

The only information provided to other players is your child’s Minecraft screen name.

The chat channel as well as private messages are automatically monitored by our server for profanity and vulgarity. Any messages containing profanity or other vulgar words will be filtered out and the person who attempted to post that message will warned or banned depending on the severity or how many previous warnings they have received.

For the safety of our players the staff also manually monitors all chat and private messages on the server.

You Can Trust Our Towncraft Minecraft Server

There are thousands of Minecraft servers out there, but very few offer players a morally clean and safe environment to play in.  I am proud that Towncraft is a place where my own young son, nieces, and nephew can connect and play without worrying about what they’re up to, who they’re talking to, or what’s being said on chat channels.

Questions or Concerns? Contact me.

If you ever have questions or concerns about Towncraft, Minecraft, or online gaming in general, feel free to contact me at I’m more than happy to discuss these issues with you.