The finalists… “So… you think YOU can be an Admin?”


Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea for the “So you think you can be an Admin?” contest.

The ideas:

  • Ripjaw proposed a Paintball server.
  • Excellex proposed a vanilla server with challenges and contests where players can win prizes that can be used in survival.
  • samtheman157 proposed a PvP world where your building plot sized is attached to your rank.
  • Quilt_Jack1 proposed a PvP world based on arenas, mini-games, economy (shops, trading), and factions.
  • Soak78 has proposed a medieval server that has the “Skyrim meets Minecraft” theme.
  • Creeper_Pwn3r_ has proposed a Prison server.
  • Wasp2003 has proposed a mini-games only server
  • lightning1486 has proposed a mini-games/PvP/economy ranks server.
  • mhp4085 has proposed a Towncraft-like server with a few more features.
  • Dylan068 has proposed a Town/PvP server.
  • Forceman2 has proposed a Time Traveling themed server.
  • VortexDavid has proposed a Towncraft-like server with more features.
  • Bubba_Hotap has proposed a “fun and games” server with a token system that players can turn in for Towncraft cash.

My thoughts:

RipJaw: While paintball sounds fun, I don’t believe it requires an entire server to support it. Perhaps we’ll add it to Towncraft at some point.

Excellex: Server mcmmo is along the lines of what you have described. We have challenges and arenas where players earn items that they can use to further their survival game.

samtheman157: While I like the idea of having plot sizes attached to ranks, there wasn’t enough in your proposal to give me a real sense of what your server would be like.

Quilt_Jack1: While we already have a PvP world, your proposal is different enough for me to consider it. I do like the idea of a well done sanctuary for players to browse shops and build a house, as well as arenas and deathmatch games among other mini-games.  I also like the idea of a “bad lands” sort of feel, where once you’re out of the watchful eye of the city, you are fair game to be killed. As a World of Warcraft PvP fan, this speaks to me. I am selecting this as a finalist and letting the players decide if there is room for 2 PvP servers. You’re a finalist.

Soak78: I like that your proposal has a theme (Medieval… Skyrim Meets Minecraft). We’ve been hungry for an Adventure server, and while yours may not be 100% adventure, if you’re willing to put the work into it you could build up a fun storyline to spice up Minecraft play. You’re a finalist.

Creeper_Pwner_: Players have asked for a Prison server for some time. If done well, it could be pretty popular. We’ll let the players decide. You’re a finalist.

Lightning, VortexDavid & MHP: For this contest I was looking for something different than what Towncraft has to offer. If there are plugins you think Towncraft should have, I’ll happily take your suggestions.

Dylan068: While we already have a PvP server, I’m intrigued on how a PvP server with a focus on town building would work. I’m making you a finalist.

Forceman2: You’ve got one of the most unique ideas out of all the proposals (Time Travel theme). It sounds like a lot of work, so if you win, I hope you put a good team behind you. You’re a finalist.

Bubba: I like the tokens idea with the mini-games. I think it would work better though if it was incorporated into Towncraft itself rather than its own server.

The Finalists up for Vote:

  1. Quilt_Jack1’s PvP Server
  2. Soak78’s Medieval Server
  3. Creeper_Pwn3r_’s Prison Server
  4. Dylan068’s PvP Server
  5. Forceman2’s Time Travel Theme Server

Voting will start shortly.


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