New features for Towncraft have arrived!

If you have logged in lately to our Family Friendly server, you will have noticed that we have made some changes.

“Oh Noooooes I don’t like change!”Β I hear some of you cry in despair. Fear not my friend. Towncraft as you know it has not changed and still exists.


Towncraft server is under the TC-2 sign

When you arrive in the new Towncraft Lobby, just look for the portal to ‘TC-2’ and you will be back in your familiar surroundings. You can also type “/server tc2” into chat and it will do the same thing.

“What does this mean?”

I’m glad you asked. This means that we can now manage our server and your game time a lot better because the TC2 server is already more stable and less likely to need rebooting as often.

If we do need to restart or reboot the server we can get you all to the lobby where you can explore or choose another server!!

“What other servers?”

Wow your full of great questions today… try this in game chat ‘/server’. It will list all the servers that you can click on now and ones we plan toΒ openΒ shortly.


Please feed Brian the Zombie. He is hungry for Braaaaaaaiiiiins!

  • Games Island (open – Survive the mobs, play a game of Mob Arena or Block Party with your friends)
  • TC3
  • Creative
  • Skyblock
  • Kol’s Island
  • Playground
  • Lobby (open)

Any server that is available now you can simply click on its name in chat and you will be magically whisked away to a far off land.

“So which server is next?” (okay now your just reading my mind )

We are currently working on these 2 servers next: Towncraft 3 and Creative.

Towncraft 3 will be a brand new map that will have all the juicy 1.8 features you have been waiting for. It will not replace TC2. TC2 will remain open for as long as you want to play it. Now we have the technology to have both running at the same time.

Creative server will start as a ‘PlotMe’ style map where you can have a plot and build what you like. More details will be available as we work them out and finalize which setup we will use. In the future we may also have a display server for showcasing the best creative builds in a ‘real world’ Minecraft setting. More on that later πŸ˜‰

So we hope you enjoy all the changes. They will certainly make managing the server easier.

Please post your thoughts and comments below


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26 Responses

  1. Cruim says:

    Looks Amazing! Cannot wait for my Internet to come back! LOL

  2. avm321 says:

    I’m so excited! I had no idea you guys were putting in the new thing! I can’t wait for a fresh new start!

  3. kodykraft says:

    Uggh fell furstrated about this to many servers open at once plz no creative i find it will be a problem

    • T0RRENZ says:

      Thanks for your input Kody.

      We have only opened 1 extra server at this point (Games Island) and it was necessary to take the load off Towncraft Survival No.2. Now we can still play Mob Arena and Block Party without affecting the rest of the survival map. We won’t be launching the other maps all at the same time.

      Can I ask, what problems do you predict for the Creative server? We have already thought of most issues but your input is most welcome.


  4. gjjudd says:

    i thought that TC2 would die:)

  5. Silvernail7 says:

    Let’s all give a big thank you to Script T0R Kol and Cruim for spending their time to help us all have fun!!!!!! You guys Rock Thx SOO much!!!!

  6. sammykat says:

    Looks amazing guys, I think its a brilliant idea!
    So will we be able to transfer items from TC-2 to TC-3 like the original plan? Or will we need to obtain all new resources?

    • ScriptJunkie says:

      We are still reviewing this and will be posting additional details as we get closer to opening TC3 (1.8 server) to the public.

      • Electricfior180 says:

        Wooooo! Can’t wait for all the servers to open up! πŸ˜€

      • Esch_ says:

        If there is a problem transferring items from TC2 to TC3, maybe a compromise is to let us carry over whatever we can in just our inventory and that’s it. At least then we can bring over the vital stuff.

        Many of us spent a lot of time building on our land, and to have to start from scratch (like me being a farmer) would be a huge pain.

        • T0RRENZ says:

          Thank you all for your comments πŸ™‚
          We are looking at how to make it ‘fair’ to all payers in TC3 and therefore it may take a while longer to get that server opened. If however we don’t worry about transferring ‘stuff’ from one map to another then it can be opened in just a day or so.
          Hopefully we can work it out ASAP so you can have something new to play on over the holidays.

          • Count von Stroganov says:

            Personally, I think that no inventory transfer should take place. I am in possession of several items one would consider “godly”, like my sword with sharpness set at 8. While I suppose one could call me hypocritical for both condemning these items yet still possessing them, I will not be carrying them to the new server, regardless of whether inventory transfers will be a ‘thing’. Unfortunately, not all of the ‘Veteran’ players on TownCraft that possess items similar to mine share this view of their unfairness. Thus, moving to a new map would be pointless considering that people would wreck it with their godly tools within a few hours. Starting fresh like we did last time would be a much better idea, IMO.

            Dedicated TownCraft Player and Avid Spelunker

          • Juggler says:

            I agree with Bib. Starting out fresh with nothing always has an irrepressible rush.

  7. Electricfior180 says:

    This is awesome! I have noticed this. When I came on the first time when the changes occurred,I was very impressed on what you did to make towncraft even better! I luv it!
    Hope good things for the future in towncraft!

    Your friend.


  8. Loch says:

    I can’t wait for ZA to open and skyblock. Its so exciting!

  9. lilykitty90 says:

    Alright, I don’t mean to be a to be a hater, but I thought you were only going to make a new towncraft server. I am extremely upset as I enjoyed this as only a survival server. (I know there was some games but it was only a few) I am upset because I feel like minigames take over servers and ruin them. I will be takeing a one month break from TC to get over the initial shock. Please do not delete me!
    – Lilykitty90

    • lilykitty90 says:

      I also know you all worked very hard. And I am greatful, I just feel TC should have remained a survival server.

      • lilykitty90 says:

        I know you might think I’m over reacting but, I feel I must do this in order to not be very touchy-acting on the server. I know how annoying it can be when someone complains and complains in-game. I will see you all on Jan 13. Goodbye for now!

    • ScriptJunkie says:

      We split the mini games to gamesisland for this reason. People enjoy playing mini games so now it will not hurt the speed and stability of the main TC survival server. People may now choose what they would like to do and still be a part of the community through the chat. TC will always root from survival which is why game islands theme is a survival adventure as well. Most other servers hub all mini game join signs where as we chose not to. Once on games island you have to survive just like playing on TC2. πŸ˜€

  10. lilykitty90 says:

    Oh Forget it. I’ll suck it up and deal with it. (I like TC too much too stay of for that long!)

  11. sammykat says:

    I am loving the new layout, and keeping all the areas separate. The only thing that I find a little tricky now, and my daughter finds it even harder, is all the conversations going on in all the different places at once. Is it possible to only see the chat from the server you are in?
    I understand this may ease as time goes on and everyone stops asking the same questions on how to use all the new features πŸ™‚
    Also, I do not see moving stuff from TC2 to TC3 as an unfair advantage, as those people have worked for that stuff, and I am sure, like myself, people have been stock piling items to transfer as they were running on the idea that TC3 would eventually replace TC2. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they are both staying open, but this was the original plan, and a lot of us planned accordingly πŸ™‚ In saying that, we won’t stop playing if we cant πŸ™‚

    • T0RRENZ says:

      Hi Sammy,
      Firstly your question about the chat.
      We have, in the past, had multiple servers and we restricted the chat back then and we learned a valuable lesson. Players maybe on 1 server without seeing any chat from others and the result was the feeling of loneliness and in the end dissatisfaction with the general game play (might as well be playing single player)
      From then I suppose we adopted a policy that if we ever did it again we would make sure that no matter where you were you can still be part of the family.
      Roll on to Xmas 2014 and who knew that we would have so many players (at times) on the server. What is also apparent is that these numbers are not consistent at all times of the day and so there are times when players are on their own in a server but the chat continues across to other servers.
      We will monitor it over time and try to be fair to all but for now I think we should keep it ‘chatty’.

      Now to item transfer.
      All I can say about this for now is we cannot confirm that items will or will not be able to be brought to TC3 from TC2. Anything said in the past was for opening discussion on the matter so that we could gauge what the majority of the players thought about a new map. The main issue that we face is keeping everyone happy and if you know a little about a democracy you will know that some will inevitably be disappointed. However we do hope that which ever path we choose we will come out on the other side with a brand new 1.8 map and a bigger and stronger community.

      Right now the player base seems to be favoring one outcome over another so I will add a new post about this because it is something that needs to be cleared up.



      • sammykat says:

        Yes, the chat has definitely seemed to slow down a little now after all the hype of the weekend πŸ™‚
        Either way, item transfers or not, it will still be fun πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the reply!

  12. Redneck841 says:

    Is name changing safe? why or why not?

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