Falkreath and Kollywood: Combined?

The two largest towns in Towncraft, Falkreath and Kollywood, have been connected! A bridge has been built between the two areas as both towns grow. Falkreath, currently owned by Exominer406, has over 30 homes and is making room for around 30 more. Kollywood is changing its name to Solitude as well, according to x_SkyFox_x, the owner of Kollywood. To visit either of the towns, do /warp falkreath or /warp kollywood!f1


Hello! I'm KayoriMew, and I'm a staff member on the Towncraft Minecraft server. *I retired from being Towncraft News owner as of 10/5/16. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me create and improve Towncraft News for a year!!! It was a lot of fun! Drumbwoy and Swimmyfish85 are the new owners, so be sure to thank them~

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  1. Kolgrath says:

    Excited for this since I am a big fan of pathways and traveling the open road! You never know what you’ll discover on the way!

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