Is Ender Still Alive? :OOO

By the way, yes, I am ok :P.  But!!! The reason I havn’t been posting on this a ton is that I can’t find ANYTHING to report about!



How can you help? Well, tell stuff to the news that we can post on here for all the Towncrafters to see!


I love posting on the website for you guys, so, heres a little picture 😀



BIGUN_-_WIN_20160220_092629 (2)        I drew that a while ago…. but I’ve loved it ever since.. So remember! NEWS NEEDED!




Thank you so much for reading this, even if you just read this line 😀 -Ender


YOOHOO! I'm EnderGirl909x, I love BACON. I am one of the most craziest people on Towncraft! Just ask xxRadiowolfxx. (I might be the craziest) I love Towncraft <3

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  1. Kolgrath says:

    How about life at spawn in TC4? Do people hang out at spawn? What sort of things are they doing? What is spawn missing (if anything)?

  2. xSwimmy says:

    Awesome pic

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