Creative Build Competition NOW-Feb 28 2016

On our Creative server, It’s Time for another Build Competition! NuwaRocks , 00meow9 and An Unknown Person are going to judge. The Unknown person is not actually a person, just keeping the username secret, for it to be a surprise 🙂

This Build Competitions Theme Is Houses, It can be of any kind.


  1. You must use your own plot, or one of your group members plots, to build on.
  2. You may build as a Team as long as your team members are credited when you submit your entry.
  3. You must build according to the theme, in other words, your build must fit the theme
  4. You build must be entered by the deadline
  5. You cannot have a Judge help you on a build, as they are judging and not allowed to enter, for obvious reasons
  6. You must use the ticket system to enter a plot into the contest and you have to be standing on your plot when you do it ( /Ticket <Reason> )

Failure to follow these  will result in you being disqualified.

I hope to see all your wonderful builds on Creative. Please feel free to ask us questions.


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