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Welcome Committee HQ

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Like to help new players? LOVE Towncraft?

There is now a new welcoming committee on Towncraft and we want you to join it.

Their job is to make sure all new players get going on here with the best start possible. Answer questions, set them up with items from the donation chests, show them towns, and where they can build.

These welcome committee members will be recognized with the [Ambassador] title.

This job is not for the faint of heart.

You will be EXPECTED to:
* Assist new players with every question they have.
* Equip new players from items in the donation chests
* Teach players about Minecraft and Towncraft
* Participate on Forums
* Keep a positive attitude about Towncraft at ALL TIMES
* Represent the best of Towncraft through your words and deeds

You will have access to the following commands as an Ambassador:
* All rights and privileges up to King/Queen (except Fly)
* The ability to /mute unruly players. (Abuse of this is a bannable offense)
* /feed to help new players who are starving to death

You will also receive full rights to the Welcome Committee HQ. You can remove items from chests, as well as place more chests as needed. You can also do minor decoration changes as the committee sees fit.

Still want to join? Can you meet all of these expectations?

Then apply with a reply below.

We want to know:

1) What is your In Game Name
2) Why do you want to join this committee?
3) What qualifies you to be an Ambassador?
4) What are some examples of how you’ve helped people in the past.
5) What is your favorite part of Towncraft?
6) Name someone on Towncraft you look up to and why.
7) Anything else you think will assist me in deciding on your application.

Good luck!

You can apply by replying below. Or on the forum thread here.


Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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14 Responses

  1. soak78

    I love to help the new players and want to make TownCraft as enjoyable and as easy to get started as possible.The easiest way to get discouraged from a server is not being able to get resources or food, and then you die and I don’t want new players to experience that on TownCraft.

    I have one of the larger towns on TownCraft, and have been told that i am a very nice Mayor. I always try to be the FIRST one to welcome new players in the chat. I’ve been elected King before, have a bunch of spare resources, and will spend money for the needy.

    My favorite part of TownCraft is the community. Everyone is so nice and helpful and friendly. They’re very co-operative and whatnot.

    I kind of look up to FaustVA. His dedication to PvP has really brought more people back into PvP and has made a bunch of extra buildings and whatnot.

    I love you Kolgrath, <3

    (If that doesn't win you over then nothing will)



  2. benokobi

    To help out new players and any player in general with anything they may need help with and improve the quality of their experience on TownCraft.

    I’m a very active member of towncraft and I try to help out every single new player. I have been voted king by the public and I am friends with most of the people on the server and I am making more everyday.

    I helped people apply for the serf rank. got some people a house and gave them directions to certain places and gave people some stuff to start off with.

    My favourite part of Towncraft excluding the people is the combination of mcmmo and the jobs plugins. They are so addictive and they help me earn money to help others with.

    I look up to all the staff/admins, but I look up to Kolgrath in particular. He is very kind and he is always active on the server and on twitter. We have loads of fun with skydiving and other stuff.

    Thanks for the opportunity to apply!

  3. cavediamond says:

    to help out new players i have helped out a lot of people in the past i have helped people find there way around and show them where they need to go for help i love everything about towncraft sincirely cavediamond

  4. cavediamond says:

    i try to anwsers as many questions as i can when i am not busy also just fun just to help players out

  5. cavediamond says:

    i look up to mossberggirl she has also helped me out sevral times so i am trying to help out also

  6. cavediamond says:

    i am just trying to make sure everybody has fun on towncraft not just struggling

  7. cavediamond says:

    for survival

  8. OracleHD says:

    1) What is your In Game Name : OracleHD
    2) Why do you want to join this committee? :
    I want to join the committee because I want to help the server as much as I can, the whole server in my opinion is a family and we all need help with something eventually, I would like to be able to help more than I already can by helping new comers and talking them through the rules and commands etc..

    3) What qualifies you to be an Ambassador?
    I have ran my own server in the past so I know all the commands I would need to do and the way I would need to treat the community, I also know what presigure’s that would need to be taken for certain offenses some people can make, this means that if someone has griefed I would need to ban them for a time I think is suitable for the size it is, then I (or a higher rank) would need to come a long and rollback what they have done to make it normal once more.
    4) What are some examples of how you’ve helped people in the past? :
    I have given people all the items I had to get them started off in a better attitude towards the server so they can then have there head held high with higher hopes of the server.
    5) What is your favorite part of Towncraft? :
    My favorite part of the server is that everyone treats each other like family, for example everyone is always willing to help others out if needed and everyone treats each other the way the would expect to be treated.
    6) Name someone on Towncraft you look up to and why:
    I look up to him because he is the most respected player on the server, even though I am willing to help everyone and I would put everyone before my self Kolgrath is the one I would like to be like as he helps everyone in anyway possible and I respect his attitude towards his family (community).
    7) Anything else you think will assist me in deciding on your application :
    I spend a lot of time on the server and I could spend more time when I am off work, I could also offer my knowledge on running a server to help Kolgrath and others in anyway I possibly can.

  9. Ripjaw says:

    Ingame name:ripjaw_99
    I want to join because: I love the server and helping people on it
    I Qualify because: I have been helping people, Saying Welcome, and all kinds of stuff for others
    Examples: i have been giving Discounts and and giving away for free stuff to new people like a week ago i gave a new player 12 diamonds because he was new and had no money
    My favorite part of TC is: How nice the players are and how family friendly it is because my mom and dad even like this server too 🙂
    Someone i look up to is: Kolgrath because he always answers ur questions even when hes busy and is always trying to include people in whatever hes doing and i want to be like that
    Anything that would help: I’ve been with the server since its begining when i belive it was called Citycraft and have seen the TC world grow into a multi-server server and have met a bunch of great towncrafters that i will never forget
    Keep on Towncrafting 🙂

  10. chemsky7 says:

    I know it’s probably a little bit late to apply, but might as well try. I would love to help new players find their way around. I remember the people who helped me get on my feet when I had no idea what at least 1/2 of the commands were, but now I am a protector! My favorite part about Towncraft is that I always know that there is someone there to help me if needed. I believe I qualify to be an ambassador because I am currently a Protector, and I have helped new people in the past and even gave up my home so that new people would have a place to stay until they got houses. In the forum it says to name someone on Towncraft you look up to and why. That’s hard for me because there are so many great people to name. If I named all of them my application would be at least 10 pages long, so I’ll only name a few. Kolgrath, Cruim, T0RRENZ, zoryzoey,and Hex_Cat. When I got chosen for Vanguard Kolgrath and Cruim made me feel so special and excited that I got chosen, and they are constantly making Towncraft a better server. Zoryzoey and Hex_Cat built my first house for me in Spawntown. They would everything I needed and when I needed it. Another group of people I would like to add are the Ops. Whenever I need something BAM! There they are in a second. They have always helped me a lot. Another thing is that whenever I go on Towncraft I realize what a great server it is, and I think to myself, what makes this server this great? I always come down to one answer: The Ops and Admins, and it is such an honor to be a part of what makes this server special.

  11. The Nether Queen says:

    1) My IGN is warrior_grl
    2) I like to help people with anything they need help with. It leaves you feeling good.
    3) I say welcome with everybody else when a new person comes on, I hook them up with villages they can live in, I get them set up with a little food and some tools.
    4) One time, this player (don’t remember the ign) logged on and they didn’t know a sponge from a cake. I took them into my house any gave them some food and a place to stay for the night.
    5) All the nice people, all the things to do, all the amazing builds to see. (By the way, have you ever seen ZooSmasher build? Amazing!)
    6) I look up to SilverNail7 (not sure if that’s right) because they do it all. They have a huge farm, they run Kol Cafe, and they are a vanguard.
    7) I applied for vanguard, but I would rather be an ambassador. If you decide to make me a vanguard or an ambassador, I choose ambassador.

  12. HanYoungSoo says:

    I believe I meet the requirements stated above. My in-game name is HanYoungSoo; a VIP/Contributor towards Towncraft. I hope to enforce the regulations and expectations with care and respect with the other players, I would like to join the Committee because I believe I would like to make a change towards myself by giving information about the Towncraft community; by being a role model and helper. I believe I am qualified because of the amount of time and effort I give towards the server by ensuring the safety and family-friendly environment that Towncraft offers. I help with building, making friends with people on the server who need one, and by being a role model so they can learn to be an adequate member of the community. My favorite part of Towncraft? Well, that would be everything. The care and compassion from the staff members; the numerous amounts of things to do, especially the members, that is why I give forth the effort and time; as well as patience. The person I look up to would be BuddhistPanda, a kind administrator; he is eloquent when describing regulations; and, whenever he is in a problematic situation whenever a player is displeased.

    More Info:

    Join Date: October 25, 2014
    (Sorry, that was all I could think of)


  13. Carson Haynes says:

    Hi, my name is Xx_7SFFARMER_xX and i would like to be a part of the welcome committee. I also have advertised around to my friends at school and several are going to start playing the server soon.

    1: IGN. Xx_7SFFARMER_xX
    2: I want to join because I like to help people and want everyone to be able to enjoy Minecraft and Towncraft to the fullest.
    3: I am a nice person, I can answer any questions anyone may have about Towncraft and I love to be a help.
    4:I have helped BowaLegend by collecting her 8 double chests full of random items.
    I have helped other players by giving them items ranging from dirt to DIAMONDS.
    5:My favorite part of towncraft is that I can use the chat freely and not get cussed out on it.
    6:I look up to dsperman and Kolgrath. Because they both gave me things and let me farm their land on my very first day on TC.
    7: I have never ignored a person on towncraft
    Never bottom in trouble in TC or anything else.

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