Christmas Build Comp Winners

Hey all! NightWolf here. Some players have been asking who won the build competition. Well, I’m proud to announce:

1st Place: Myself! Now, how did this happen? o-o

2nd Place: TanookiMaster

3rd Place: yargyo

Block Party Floor: Five_of_Hearts

Great job to everyone who entered! Personally, I love build comps. It gives everyone a chance to show off their wonderful builds! Also, thank you 00meow9 for hosting this amazing event!

Some pictures:

xNightWolfx’s build:

NightWolf Build

TanookiMaster’s build:

Tanooki Build

Yargyo’s build:

Yargyo Build

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a picture of Five_of_Hearts’s build. It was wonderful, though! =D

NightWolf OUT! =P

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  1. Kolgrath says:

    Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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